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Who is MAWE Corporation ltd:

The millenary tradition

of Balinese and Indonesian herbal school
over the centuries has represented the main source
the export of spices,
essential oils, vegetable oils and butters all over the world.
MAWE Corporation LTD of Bali,
started researching these rare substances in 2005,
taking up from the ancient texts of the Balinese school
suggestions on how to use them in a 

beneficial way on the person.

Using for manufacturing in Europe,
a renowned Italian cosmetic laboratory
making use of the suggestions of a talented cosmetologist

expert has started the production of some 

exclusive products containing oils and 

substances typical of Indonesia.

The substances that make up the products of the 

"MAWE Body Line" and "MAWE Home Line"
they are all of certified origin,

tested by specialized laboratories
and mix with care and attention.


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We start with the description of products:

MAWE "Body line"
Mawe "Body Line"

The Shower Mousse 

with conditioner effect - Hair & Body

pure essential oils for aromatherapy.

Whith the synergies of pure essential oil sare suitable for gentle cleansing, but deep, hair and body:
for her and for him

Formulated with high quality substances, that allow you
to cleanse effectively,
with their fine and creamy foam,
hair and body in a delicate way.
The cleansing base of the Shower Mousse iscoming from
the processing
of the Asian
 coconuthas been
enriched with s
unflower seed extract,
rich in vitamin E and tocopherols, therefore usefulfor preventing agingepidermal and keep youngand moisturizes
the skin 
and hair keratin.

The pure essential oils extracted frommore varied plants, 
coming in large partfrom Bali Indonesia, 
and the aromatic essences usedhave been studied and tested, so that,during use, they may releasetheir innumerable aromas, 
which will be able tohelp get lastingdiversified physical 
and psychophysical well-being.
The names used for each individual product, 
to identify the sensationsthat can be
duringand after a bath or shower.

The product is highly concentratedso
you can use less, saving money.

Mousse Doccia "Rosa Thea"

  • Mousse hair & body Shower
  • conditioner effect
  • "Rosa Thea

with essence of Rosa Thea 

and essence WO rose.

This blend allows you to develop a fantastic,
persistent rose fragrance on hair and skin.
The fine, delicate, creamy foam developed
from the "Shower Mousse", it helps to

 eliminate impurities deposited 

on the hair and on the body, leaving the hair soft,

 easy to comb after rinsing
and the skin velvety and pleasantly scented.

Suitable at times when you want on the body
a classic, intense feminine rose fragrance.

essenze: Rosa Thea – Rosa WO


Packaging: bottle 500 ml - 1.000 ml  -  tank 5 l 

shampoo-doccia "Black Flowers"

Mousse hair & body Shower
conditioner effect

A delicate and pleasant “Shower Mousse”

floral and enveloping fragrance, with top notes
citrus and with a warm and woody base.
The fine and delicate foam helps to eliminate
impurities deposited on the hair and body,
leaving after rinsing the hair soft, easy to comb 

and the skin velvety and perfumed.
Suitable at times when you want on the body
a feminine fragrance with 

an intense scent of flowers,

given by the essential oils of:

Nerol, Geraniol, Eugenol, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis 

Flower Oil , Citrus Limon Peel Oil.

Packaging: bottle 500 ml - 1.000 ml - tank 5 l
Mousse Doccia "Cuoio & Teack Wood"

Mousse hair & body Shower
conditioner effect
for man

For the man who wants a "Shower Mousse"

with an intense masculine fragrance

of leather and Teak wood.

The fine and delicate foam helps to eliminate

the impurities deposited on the hair 

and on the body, leaving after rinsing, 

the hair soft, soft, easy to comb and 

the skin velvety and perfumed.

Suitable for moments when an intense 

and persistent masculine fragrance 

is desired on the body,

functional ingredients and essences : Boswellia Carterii Resin Extract  - Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil - Canarium Luzonicum Gum Nonvolatiles, Ocimum Basilicum Oil , Myristica Fragrans Fruit Oil (safrolo free), Piper Nigrum Fruit Oil  - Salvia Sclarea Flower.


Packaging: bottle 500 ml - 1.000 ml - tank 5 l

  • Mousse hair & body Shower
    conditioner effect

Composed with substances 

of proven efficacy, 

suitable for washing and restoring lipid balance
to hair and body.
The fine and delicate foam developed by
"Shower Mousse" helps eliminate impurities deposited

 on the hair and body, leaving after rinsing,
the hair soft, fluffy, easy to comb and
the skin velvety and perfumed.
The essences contained donate to the skin
a pleasant, unmistakable, unique one
sensual oriental fragrance.  

The essential oils contained are: Vanillin (Vanilla), Coriandrum Sativum (Corriandolo), Thymus (Thyme), 

Salvia Sclarea (Sage), Ocinum Basilicum (Basil).

Packaging: bottle 500 ml - 1.000 ml - tank 5 l

Mousse doccia "NEUTRAL"

Mousse hair & body Shower
conditioner effect

"Neutral" delicate - without essences 

A "Shower Mousse" free of scented substances.
It develops a pleasant and delicate foam

suitable, for CHILDREN and people
don't want to superimpose on personal perfume
or different aroma.
Used to wash and restore lipid balance
to the hair and body leaving after rinsing,
soft, fluffy hair and velvety skin.
Being very delicate and moisturizing,
can be validly used as a mild liquid hand soap.


Packaging: bottle 500 ml - 1.000 ml - tank 5 l

Sapone liquido igienizzante mani

Sanitizing products
with essential oils

with emollient and 

moisturizing properties. 

The delicate functional principles,
allow you to leave the skin
soft and pleasantly freshly scented.
Suitable for deep cleansing and hand sanitation.
functional principles and essences

Sodium Hypochlorite 0.25% Cymbopongon Citratus (Citronella) Lavanda Officinalis - 

llicium verum (Star Anise)
Malaleuca alternifolia (Tee Tre).

Packaging: Pump bottle 500 ml - 1.000 ml - tank 5 l

Burro di Karitè con O.E. puro di Lavanda

  • The most valuable skin protector:
  • Absolutely the most sincere friend to the skin ...
  • shock effect

It prevents and drastically reduces skin aging

Reduces: dermatitis, erythema, eczema.

Natural healing, natural remedy to counteract the effects

cold, wind, smog, sunburn.

Epidermal softener, suitable for reducing

thickening of the skin (heels, hands, elbows, knees)

Suitable for preventing stretch marks from childbirth,

or to reduce and soften existing stretch marks.


Enriched with pure Lavender essential oil,

to have a pleasant fragrance and,

with its important features,

to intensify the benefits 


Butyrospermum parkii – Heliantnthus annuus seed oil – 

Lavandula Angustifolia.

Packaging: glass vase 100 ml - 300 ml


by B@li

Near the eruptive vent of the volcano

Gunung Agung of Bali, is located on Pura Besakih animist Hindu temple, around which there are deposits of virgin primordial clays, produced

 from the millenary eruptive activity 

of the sacred volcano.

These primordial clays are used, 

by hundreds of years, by the "Mangku" 

(Hindu priests or Brahmins), a sort of shamans 

or "men of magic",

who use them to successfully cure 

an innumerable amount of ailments.

The Mawe Company of B@li, thanks to particular friendship of the superior "Mangku" 

of the Pura Besakih temple, 

got the exclusivity for the use 

of this primeval virgin clay and consequently 

allow the diffusion of this beneficial 

substance in the world.

vulcano Gunung Agung Bali
Argilla Primordiale Vergine effetto raffreddante

    Of the volcano Gunung Agung in Bali
  • With anti-trauma cooling effect

Poultice with virgin primordial clay,

suitable as an adjuvant to natural therapies,
for the reduction of trauma caused by sprains,
muscle strains in the limbs.

The Cooling Primordial Clay has been prepared 

to make it spreadable and ready to use.

Two substances have been introduced 

into it that intensify its effect: natural Menthol 

and Mint essential oil, natural Camphor 

and Camphor essential oil.

These 2 fundamental substances cause intense 

and prolonged COLD to develop upon contact 

with the skin, favoring the restoration 

of peripheral blood circulation, 

the reduction of swelling and the reduction 

of post-traumatic painful symptoms.

It is used as a natural mass-physiotherapy
adjuvant in cases of tendonitis, sprains,

oedemas, where the cold is beneficial.

Pakaging: glass vase 300 ml – 500 ml

we continue with the description of the products

MAWE "Home Line"
Mawe "Home Line"

Presentation of products for the home
MAWE "Home Line"

The laboratories of the MAWE Corporation of Bali,
using natural substances
of vegetable origin,
have developed some innovative products
for the home, designed to obtain
surprising results,
respecting the person and the environment.

Now we present SCRATCH DISHES,
which, as you can see below,
is recommended for cleaning dishes,
respecting the hands of those who use it.
We will soon be expanding the range
with other products,
equally effective and unique.
THE REVOLUTION in detergent products for dishes

strong on the dishes

gentle on the hands

Why spend so much money on hand cream and then stick to a common dish soap to save money, which will destroy the benefits of expensive hand cream?

SCRATCH PIATTI is an innovative product: 

the particular and unique substances of vegetable
origin that compose it, thoroughly clean the dishes,
leaving the skin of the hands.

unaltered and soft.
SCRATCH DISHES has a highly degreasing effect caused by a substance extracted
from the coconut,
in addition it is enhanced with
totally natural substances:
pure wine vinegar
and raw sea salt.

The synergistic action of these substances
makes the product also suitable for counteracting
excess of limestone in the water of the hardest waters,

giving brilliance to the dishes.

In this way the "SCRATCH" effect will be
obtained on the dishes,

confirming their perfect cleanliness,
hygiene and absence of limestone.

For further protection of the most delicate hands,
has been enriched with Aloe Vera extract,

for this reason it can be considered

a cosmetic with a cleansing function.


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